What We Do...

Pavement Markings



Midwest PLM is your one source for all your pavement marking needs. From roadways, and airports to parking lots big and small. We can perform restripes, and new design layouts in both paint and thermoplastic materials. 



Signage is a key component to providing safe and efficient travel through any parking lot or roadway when the pavement Markings are covered in snow, rain or even at night.  Well placed signage using reflective sheeting will keep both drivers and pedestrians safe.  



Sealcoating and crack filling are two very important parts in extending the life of your pavement. By sealcoating you are reintroducing the oils back into your asphalt that have been lost over the years  and returning it to its flexible state. This should only be done every three years, and in the early spring or summer.  Crack filling keeps water from entering your sub base and creating voids for potholes to form. The best time of year to crack fill is late summer or early fall so the cars do not pull the material up from the heat. 

Parking Blocks/Bollards/Speed Bumps


Parking blocks and bollards are great tools to protect hazards in your parking lot such as light poles, buildings, electrical components and even pedestrians. Parking blocks are an inexpensive alternative to curb, guard rails and retaining walls. Speed bumps are an effective way to control the speed of traffic in your roadways and parking areas. 

Line Removal


Midwest PLM has some the latest state of the art equipment to remove old unwanted parking or roadway markings that conflict with new designs. We can also remove old built up paint on curbs, and graffiti from retaining walls and buildings.  

Concrete/Asphalt/Catch Basin Repairs


Midwest PLM provides both concrete and asphalt repairs as well as rebuilding or replacing catch basins in your parking and roadway areas.